Our Services

Environmentally friendly

We use the most environmentally safe methods to keep our planet safe and your family healthy.

Affordable quality work

Our prices vary for a multitude of services, so that we supply the best of service for any wallet.

Fast Arrival

We will have a professional at your door and ready to Clean your home the Green Home way in no time

carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

The power of steam allows us to clean and sanitize your carpets, rugs, and upholsteries from many types of stains, such as pet stains, food stains, mud, dirt and more. using the natural and eco-friendly power of steam ensures allergen free, cleaner, whiter and brighter results. We also offer the best in shampoo and conditioning products to leave your home looking great, feeling soft and smelling fresh.

Air Duct Cleaning

We use the latest in high-pressure vacuum equipment, to suck up and thoroughly clean your air duct system from all dirt dust allergens and dangerous dryer lint that may cause a fire if left unchecked. This too is eco-friendly and completely safe for your home and family and will save you a bundle on your electric bill. Good Maintainance is a key to a quality home that is why you need the Green Home way in your house today.

Water removal and water damage restoration

When water damage happens please call us right away, our 24/7 emergency water removal team is always at your service. we will assess the situation and explain the process, then we will get straight to work using industrial heaters that are home safe and will help evaporate residual water. We will then go on to remove any water you can't see like behind walls and under floor boards to ensure that your home is dry and clean.

Call us now!   DC number: (301)-304-6400 Maryland number: (301)-332-2279